daily care

Our kennel is both heated and air conditioned.  Dogs are let out 4 times per day into large, fenced in, grassy areas.  During that time they are able to run, play and go to the bathroom. Outside let-out times can vary depending on weather and your pet's desires.


At Winding Lane Kennel we feed twice daily.  We have found that dogs do best if they are able to eat their own food while at the kennel.  We are required by state kennel regulations to keep all food in sealed containers.  Please bring your dog's food in a sealed container with your dog's name and feeding instructions on it.  Also notate if your dog has food allergies or medication requirements.  You will be asked to fill-out a short information card that is placed on your dog’s cage.  This card has information that can be used daily.  Verbal instructions may not be remembered during busy check-in and check-out times.  If you do not bring your dog's own food, we will feed them Pro-Plan Shredded Chicken dog food at no extra charge.  We use stainless steel feed and water dishes.  Please do not bring your own dishes.


We provide treats for your doggies throughout the day.  You may certainly bring extra if you’d like, and we’ll be happy to spoil them!  Once again, written communication of food or treat allergies should be on your doggy's food container.

toys, blankets, leashes

You are welcome to bring chew toys, blankets or a dog bed.  We cannot be responsible for damage done to them while at the kennel.  These items should be marked with your dog's name.  Please do not leave leashes or bowls.  We cannot be responsible for them if they get lost or broken.


We are happy to administer medications your pet may need while they are with us. We do not administer IV medications. Once again, please clearly write out instructions.


Dogs are socialized only if both the owner and we feel that it is a good fit.  We always put the safety and well-being of guests and workers first.


We do not offer grooming services but can refer you to a reputable dog groomer in the area.


We have drop-off and pick-up times 7 days a week.  Call or text us at 616-634-2988 to find out what time slots are available.  We need to set up times when someone is available.   Please text us at 616-634-2988 when you arrive so we can greet you in front of the kennel.


Drop-off and pick-up times on Sunday are typically prior to 8:45 am or after 4:30 pm.  We do not have drop-off and pick-up times on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

admission requirements

We are required to have proof that your dog's vaccinations are current.  Please provide the following current documents from your veterinarian before your dog's first stay.  Current documents are needed annually.  The vaccinations required are for:


·DHLP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvovirus)

·Bordetella (Kennel cough)

·Proof of yearly stool check and internal parasite prevention.


Pets must enter the kennel:

·Flea, tick and parasite free

·Reasonably clean

·In good health


If a dog show signs of fleas/ticks, it will be given a flea/tick treatment and a charge will be added to the total cost.


Dogs are to be spayed or neutered if they are of an age where this is can be done.  If dogs are not spayed or neutered, special arrangements may be possible if we are notified when reservations are made for the dog's stay.  We do not accept female dogs that are in their heat cycle.

emergency procedures

In the unfortunate situation where your pet is sick or injured we will attempt to contact you and the emergency contact you have designated.  As described in the “Owner Agreement” if we are unable to contact either of you, we will contact South Kent Veterinary Clinic in Caledonia for further medical instructions and/or treatment.  These charges will be added to your bill.

kennel rates

$18.00/day – 1 dog (regular size cage)

$22.00/day – 1 dog (large cage)

$10.00/day – each additional dog added to any cage


The day your dog arrives is considered the first day of billing. The day they go home is considered the final day of billing.  The time of drop-off and pick-up does not change the total daily charge.

Example: A dog dropped off on Friday and picked up on Sunday would be billed for 3 days.


We accept cash or checks.  Please make checks payable to “Winding Lane Kennel.”


We are located approximately 4 miles east of Caledonia.  Directions are:

·East on 84th St from M-37/East Beltline.

·McCords Ave is approximately 4 miles from M-37.

·North on McCords Ave approximately 1/4 mile to our driveway.

·A Winding Lane Kennel sign is located near the road at the end of our driveway.

·Once on the driveway, the kennel is the first building on the right.

Please complete the Customer Information and Owner Agreement documents to tell us about you and your dog.  You can return the completed forms to us at or by mail.

We hope to see you and your dogs soon!

Thank you,

Bill & Leilani Hulst